“The point is not to pay back kindness, but to pass it on.” ~ Joan Alvarez

How Natalee’s Song Began

After my eighth birthday party, The Gazette, our local paper, ran a story about my party and the donations I received to reach my goal for the Zoe Quinn Francis Foundation. A very generous man, Leslie Nakamura, sent me a check to spend the way I wanted. This was my chance to start my own foundation. When my mother asked me what I would like to do with the gift! I Knew – Right Away! I wanted to start my own foundation. My mother, father, grandparents, and brother pledged their help and support. Leslie Nakamura is from Hawaii and my grandparents have also made their home in Hawaii. We are all working together to start this journey of giving, caring, sharing and lovingI can’t wait to get started!

Please check back regularly to see Natalee’s Song in action.