Rachel Passed Away in June 2013.  Our old grade school, Chesapeake Academy/Severn school decided to create a pavilion and dedicate to Rachel.  I wanted to make sure that they money we raised as a community through the Team Rachel Walk in 2011 went to good use for the community and to remember Rachel in the best way possible.

Rachel and I, as well as our grade school friends and girl scouts played every day on that school yard grass.  We laughed and laughed and payed and played.  I can still hear Rachel’s laugh and see her smile when I walk into that school and especially on the playground.

I asked Severn Grade School if Natalee’s Song could asset with the pavilion.  They said they needed landscaping.  So we brought in a crew to do the big landscaping and then Rachel’s Aunt Karen, Mom and dad and my family planted the smaller plants.

Rachel’s mom decorates it with fairies and great ornaments for the children.  Certainly something Rachel would do for the children, and definitely something she would have enjoyed looking at while playing there.

Severn and Mr. & Mrs. Reynolds asked me to speak at the Dedication.  I wanted to capture Rachel’s endless love and kinds as well as laughter in the speech for those who didm;t know here.  For those who did know Rachel I knew they would only be able to smile thinning about her!  I could barely hold back the tears and I am certain the only reason I got through that speech was because Rachel was right by my side!

Rachel had a positive attitude that was so contagious you couldn’t help but B-Positive when you were around here.  She carried that attitude throughout her diagnosis and treatment.  Ironically, after her Bone marrow transplant her blood type became B-Positive!  So Fitting for Rachel!

I miss her dearly and I know every child who plays in this pavilion and who comes to Rachel’s Cheese Day party can experience what a truly wonderful person and friend Rachel was to me and everyone she met!

On October 26, 2013 the planting for Rachel’s pavilion began and on October 25, 2014 the Pavilion was dedicated!

Thank you to the Severna Park Community as well as our Girl Scout troop #2446 for helping with the Team Rachel Walk and raising the funds to beautify this wonderful pavilion.

A pavilion in the playground area in honor of Rachel! PERFECT!  Exactly where she loved to be.

Playing and living life to its fullest.

Reading outside and enjoying friends.

I made sure there was at least one butterfly bush planted around the pavilion.  Rachel loved butterflies, and in many way she was so similar to one.  Always pretty, always bouncing around sharing joy, and always making a difference when present!


I love and miss you RACHEL!